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Website heartbeat monitoring
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Don't wait for your hosting provider or customers to notify you of issues.
monitor each webpage to detemine if it passes or fails
Check to ensure you don't lose salesAvoid lost sales/leads
Check to help you protect your search rankingProtect search rankings
Check to prevent customer website issuesDetect & prevent issues
monitor each webpage to detemine if it passes or fails
Receive notifications on you desktop and mobile devices
We alert you and your team when your website is having issues.
Receive notifications on you desktop and mobile devices
check receive team notificationsTeam communication
check receive sms and email alertsSMS and email alerts
check get detailed messasgesGet detailed messages
Understand how your website is performing over time
View your summary report
check to see availability reportsAvailability reports
check to see broken imagesBroken image reports
check to see when content changesContent Changes +more
View your summary report
Our Features
get started quickly with no software to install
No software to install
No IT team required. No software to download or install, just sign up and you're ready to go.
No technical experience required to get started. Website monitoring made simple.
No training required.
Our simple to use online interface provides the guidance you need to get started.
we monitor your site 24/7 365 days a year.
24/7 monitoring
Be the first to know when issues happen. Don't wait for customers to report the issue.
Make sure everyone is on the same page with team notifications.
Team notifications
Send SMS and email alerts to you and your team. Choose who and how often.
Get issues resolved faster with root cause analysis.
Root cause analysis
We help you troubleshoot issues and provide recommendations for resolving the problem.
receive notifications with insights into how your website is performing.
Insightful reporting
Get daily summary reports showing key insights into how your website is performing.
We keep history of your data up to 2 years.
History tracking
We record issues for two years. Never lose track of how often issues happen and get resolved.
Our service includes uptime monitoring as short as every minute
Website availability
We monitor your website uptime and performance with intervals as short as one minute apart
Our service include SSL monitoring.
SSL monitoring
We monitor your "https" ssl certificate for expiration and configuration errors.
Our service include Domain monitoring.
Domain monitoring
We ensure that your domain is never lost through failing to renew it or by it being hijacked.
Our service include content monitoring
Content monitoring
Get notified when pages are added, modified or deleted. Quickly catch suspicious activity.
Our monitoring service includes broken images/links.
Broken links and images
We identify broken images and resource errors that negatively effect your online customers
We constantly adding new features.
Much more
We're constantly adding new features and providing more value to our customers
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Receive alerts and weekly insights.
30 SMS Alerts / month
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$149 billed every 12 months
You and your team will know when issues happen and get resolved
25 Webpages Monitored
Homepage + 24 additional pages
5 Team Members
Receive alerts and weekly insights.
150 SMS Alerts / month
Unlimited email notifications
per month
$39 billed every month
$348 billed every 12 months
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