Affordable and Simple to use
Website Monitoring
Be the first to know when your site is down
Create customized smart notifications / alerts
Insights to help you improve your website
Feature Overview
Multiple Check Types
We can monitor your website HTTP(s), DOMAIN, DNS and SSL. If you have specific need, we can develop custom monitoring agents for you.
Custom notifications
Create alerts that contain contacts, action items, links to your ads or other important information to help you quickly address issues.
SMS / Email Alerts
Receive sms or email alerts when your website is experiencing slow performance or a complete outage. Send multiple alerts to ensure the right people are notified when problems occur.
Minute resolution
Make sure you don't miss anything. We monitor your website uptime with intervals as short as one minute apart.
Maintenance windows
Prevent unnecessary alerts when you know you website will be down for scheduled maintenance.
No false positives
Verifies downtime from multiple locations. We use triple confirmation to ensure you never get a false alert.
Troubleshoorting Analysis
When your website experiences downtime we run multiple diagnosis tools to help you pinpoint and address issues.
Insightful reporting
Receive reports in your inbox that highlight performance metrics and other insightful trends over time.
Simple Transparent Pricing
Monthly Plan
$19 /month
Includes all features
Yearly Plan
$170 /year
Includes all features
  After registering for the trial, you will receive a welcome email that includes how to get the most out of each featue.
 Our team will also reach out to set up a quick 15 minute demo with one of our team members, if you are interested.
  Need more help, we are here to help when and if you need us. Drop us a line at customer support.